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Programs Special Services

Office Of Special Services E Learning 


Welcome to Special Services

We all have special needs at various times in our lives. Sometimes individuals are able to seek out and/or realize how and what supports are necessary to meet their own special needs; others may not know what, how, or where to find support.

If you feel your child or someone else's child has a special need, please contact our office or a building principal.  We will offer suggestions on how to access support for the identified special need(s) of the student to ensure a positive educational experience.

18-21 Transition Program

Review Special Services Descriptions

Staff Links

Parent Rights (procedural safeguards) 

Spanish Parent Rights (procedural safeguards)

Karen Parent Rights (procedural safeguards)

Eligibility Guide for Special Education in SD 


Elementary Programs and Staffing


Early Childhood

Marisa Krekelberg
Alyssa Aker
Gretchen Beyer

Developmental Learning Classroom Gretchen Beyer
Kristal Joy Sacay
Social Learning Classroom      Caitlin Ziegenbein
Resource Room Kristal Joy Sacy
Destinni Girton


Developmental Learning Classroom

Kristle Christensen

Social Learning Classroom Brittni Strand
Resource Room Barb Myhre
Stacey Westby


Developmental Learning Classroom Todd Preston
Social Learning Classroom      Megan Hein
Resource Room

Michelle Vissia
Excell Daguinotan

Middle School Programs and Staffing

Developmental Learning Classroom

Jamie Hoek

Social Learning Classroom               

Kris Lavalee

 Resource Room Truman Savery
Brittany Bergquisst
Michael Scott 

High School Programs and Staffing

Developmental Learning Classroom

Samantha Kruse

Resource Room Terri Schlader
Amanda Katzenberger
Amanda Ladwig
Our Home

Tim Nihart
Tony Thomas
Lisa Beck
Susan Krcil

Speech / Language Therapists

Buchanan: Early Childhood - 1st                  

Lori Eggleston


Juliana Janssen


Pro PT

Middle School


High School


Related Services and Support Staff

Occupational Therapy Gail Styer
Physical Therapy ProPT
Deaf Educator / Private School Provider Nadine Savery
School Psychologist Kathleen Wilson
Academic Evaluator Kelly Rotert
Social Worker Hannah Schouten

Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act and Americans with Disabilities Act


It is the policy of Huron School District that no student shall, on the basis of disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any district educational program or activity receiving assistance.

Equal opportunity is a priority of the Huron School District.

Any person having inquiries concerning the school's compliance with the regulations implementing Section 504 is directed to contact:

 Site 504 Coordinator:               Ralyna Schilling                                                               

 School:                  Huron School District                                                                  

 Phone/Fax:                     605-353-6997                        

Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act and Americans with Disabilities Act-ENG/SP  

Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act and Americans with Disabilities Act-KAREN                                          


Huron School District

Rationale on 10 or more students taking the Alternative Assessment 

Rationale: The Huron School District strives to keep students in the district.  We offer programs for students with severe disabilities and needs.  Our Developmental Learning Classrooms and Social Skills Classrooms at all levels across the district implements individualized instruction, specific behavior interventions, adaptive behavior strategies and instruction and curriculum driven by the South Dakota Core Content Connectors.  We also serve a vast array of ESL students that have moved in with additional needs.  We strive to educate all students in our district with the programs offered, least restrictive environments and providing services locally instead of out of district placements. We offer programs that can meet the intensive and structured learning environments for students in the least restrictive way in order for them to not move to an out of district placement.  The Huron School District annually reviews the criteria for the Alternative Assessment at each IEP meeting to determine if individual students meet the criteria.  The IEP teams use the Guidance for IEP Teams on Participation Decisions on the Alternate Assessment of South Dakota Content Standards and look at data to see if students continue to meet the criteria.