Huron School District #2-2



While we are not in school, please have your child check their email at least once a day starting Monday, March 23rd.  Teachers will be providing lessons and materials that your child will need to complete each day or week.  Teachers may also use different apps like MyHomework and Showbie to communicate with your child.  Please ask your son or daughter to show you what they’re working on so you can be aware of the assignments they are completing and make sure they are getting them done in a timely manner. You may also email your student’s teachers to check on their progress.  If you do not have internet at home students may connect to the school internet by being near the building.  The public library is also providing wireless internet access at the soccer fields and Prospect Park beginning next Wednesday, March 25th.  If your student does not have their iPad please contact the high school office at 353-7800 and talk to one of the principals.  Teachers will continue to provide education this way for as long as we remain out of school. 

Thank you for your continued support while we are not in session.


Mr. Radke and Mrs. Konechne


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