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Football Roster


2020-2021 Varsity Football Schedule

2020-2021 JV Football Schedule

2020-2021 Freshman Football Schedule

2020-2021 8th Grade Football Schedule

2020-2021 7th Grade Football Schedule


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2020 Players Guidelines Packet 

NCAA Student-Athlete Information

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South Dakota Beef Industry Council Wrap-Up Video

All ESD Players 2020


(L to R) Tristan Cardona, Tyson Lien, Derick Siemonsma, Ryan Janes, Cade McNeil, Elliot DeVries (not pictured - Carter Hott)

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All State Players 2020


(L to R) Tristan Cardona, Max Kranzler, Derick Siemonsma, Ryan Janes,


Cade McNeil (HM)


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All Academic Players 2020

(L to R) Tyson Lien, Max Kretschmar, Derick Siemonsma, (not pictured - Carter Hott, Colby Hott)

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