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Attention Parents! 

Starting Monday, September 21st there is going to be a change to a couple of bus stops involving bus route #7. The stops that will be affected by this change will be 5th & Wisconsin NW, 6th & Illinois NW, and 2nd & Idaho SE. The bus stops will remain at these same locations with the only time change being made to the 2nd & Idaho SE stop.  The new time for pick up at 2nd & Idaho SE will be at 7:27 am.  Your children will be picked up by bus #16 from now on at these three stops.

If your students attend Washington Elementary they will stay on bus #16 when it gets to the Middle School for transfer.  Bus #16 will go onto Washington Elementary from transfer.  Madison Elementary students will need to switch to bus #15 at transfer and Buchanan students will switch to #14 to go onto Buchanan.

Please call the Huron School Transportation Department at 353-6989 if you have any questions or concerns.  Or you can email me at

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Kathie Bostrom, Team Leader

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Rex Sawvell

Transportation Director

605-353-6989 or 605-353-7867

Kathie Bostrom

Team Leader



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