Huron School District #2-2



Contact Directory


You may browse the staff directory by name, title, service, or building below.

Phone numbers for each building/department are listed below as well.

Last Name   First Name   Title   Building   Email  
McCloud Kayla 3rd Grade Madison
Ashbaugh KAte 2nd Grade Madison
Ladwig Amanda Special Services Madison
Ladwig Travis 3rd Grade Madison
Thelen Linda Graduation Coach Madison
Steffen Allen Physical Education Madison & Washington
Cobb Janna 2/3 Instructional Coach Madison 2-3 Center
Baszler Rita Nurse Madison/Washington
King Brooke Special Services Middle School
Witte Melody 6th Grade Middle School
Winegar Kristi 8th Grade Middle School
Thomas Tony 6th Grade Middle School
Stoddard Becki 8th Grade Middle School
Smith Teresa Vocal Middle School
Sieh Heather Guidance Counselor Middle School
Schmitz Michael 6th Grade Middle School
Rozell Chris 6th Grade Middle School
Puhl Cheryl 6th Grade Middle School
Nihart Tim 7th Grade Middle School
Holtrop Myranda 8th Grade Middle School
Lord Shari 8th Grade Middle School
Kissner Lisa 8th Grade Middle School
King Julie Physical Education Middle School
Katzenberger Amanda Special Services Middle School
Johnson Michelle 6th-8th Grade Middle School



Activities/Arena Office

(605) 353-6970 

Bus Garage/Transportation

(605) 353-6989 

Business Office

(605) 353-6995 

Buildings and Grounds Office

(605) 353-7361 

Curriculum Office

(605) 353-6992 

ESL Office/Welcome Center

(605) 353-8660 

Food Nutrition Services

(605) 353-6909 

Special Education Office

(605) 353-6997 

Superintendent's Office

(605) 353-6990 


(605) 353-7800 x 8842

Buchanan K-1 Center

(605) 353-7875  

Madison 2-3 Center

(605) 353-7885 

Washington 4-5 Center  

(605) 353-7895

Huron Middle School

(605) 353-6900

Huron High School

(605) 353-7800