Huron School District #2-2



District Board of Education

School Board

As a taxpayer and citizen, you are a stockholder in the public school system. The Huron Public Schools operate under the laws of South Dakota and the policies set down by the District 2-2 Board of Education.

As members of the Huron Board of Education, we encourage you to attend board meetings, keep informed about public school issues, and express your views on matters concerning Huron schools.

School board meetings are held the second and fourth Mondays of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Instructional Planning Center located in the upper level of the Huron Arena in the south west corner.

Live meetings are streamed on the district website ( and are archived for on-demand viewing.  Recorded meetings are also broadcasted on Channel 6 - Tiger Network throughout the week.

The board welcomes signed letters from patrons who wish to request information or board action.

Letters may be sent to:

Board of Education
c/o Superintendent of Schools
PO Box 949
Huron, SD  57350-0949

School Board Members:

David Wheeler

5th Year Of Service

Garret Bischoff

Vice President 
4th Year of Service

Tim Van Berkum

8th Year of Service


John Halbkat

13th Year Of Service

Kerwin Haeder

12th Year of Service

Jasmine Snow

Student Board Member 
1st Year of Service